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Café Royal
Enjoy the taste of Swiss premium coffee with Café Royal

People with great tastes are continually looking for premium products that can complement their lifestyle. Café Royal is not just a coffee that boosts you throughout the day. It is, above all, a drink that can help you make a statement. 

Being one of the biggest coffee producers in Switzerland, this coffee brand which was launched by Delica AG in 2012 has developed a wide range of coffee products that benefit from the experience and skills of its experts, who continuously bring innovation in their production processes. There is no single doubt about the premium quality of this coffee since the company carries out ongoing technical improvement and systematic quality tests.

Moreover, this coffee brand is UTZ certified. Not only does this certification guarantee the use of traceable and high-quality coffee beans, but it also makes sure that the coffee is from sustainable and responsible coffee production. By choosing to drink Café Royal, you choose to contribute to coffee farming that complies with social, environmental and economic requirements. 

Café Royal: a coffee of the highest Swiss quality for every taste

Café Royal’s experts are using their creativity and their great sense of innovation to develop a wide range of premium products to suit every taste and lifestyle: coffee beans, coffee pads, iced coffee and coffee capsules that are compatible with popular machines. If you want a quick boost with a cup of espresso, opt for Café Royal coffee capsules which are compatible with Nescafé® and Dolce Gusto® or Nespresso® machines. If you are more of a home-brewed coffee lover type, choose Café Royal’s coffee beans, which will delight you with their complex aromas. Coffee pads are for those of you who want to fully enjoy the invigorating taste of your espresso without the hassle of preparation. The Iced coffee line is just perfect for those who need the refreshing of chilled coffee refined with milk and caramel.

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