Dr Oetker
Delicious classic products from nearly 4 generations

For more than a century now, Dr. Oetker has been stimulating our taste buds with its delicious pizzas, cakes and other classic food products. Dr. Oetker is one of the oldest brands in Germany and has made a name for itself through the quality of its products such as its buttercream or cream cheese style icing for perfect baking results.

Since its creation, Dr. Oetker has never failed its customers in the quality of its products. The high quality of Dr. Oetker’s products no longer needs to be proven: its range of baking ingredients, decorations and pizzas have been making a difference on the food market. For classic recipes or for more original ones, Dr. Oetker’s products are the ones you need in your kitchen shelves.

Original homemade recipes with Dr. Oetker products

Whether you are a novice or an experienced baker, Dr. Oetker's products will be of great help to successfully prepare your homemade cakes. Indeed, baking will become a piece of cake even for those who know little about it. Anything you need to make a delicious cake is made available to you: edible decorations, natural extracts and flavors, food colors, baking ingredients, cake icings or buttercream.

No more worries about icings! The buttercream style icing is easy to use for a delicious and beautiful cake: you can use it for decorating or piping cakes and cupcakes. Need something easier to handle? Choose Dr. Oetker Soft Fondant Icings or the easy swirl cupcake icing. This type of icing is available in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla.

If you are the lazy baker type but cannot do without a delicious slice of cake for your breakfasts, the Dr. Oetker Bake in the Box range will be your best ally. Pour the sachet into your box, and when milk is added, just mix and bake! What’s more, this loaf cake mix is available in three flavors: banana and choc chip, double chocolate, lemon and poppy seed. Yes, delicious cakes can be made at home.

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