Pasquier BretzelPasquier Bretzel Successful gourmet break with the delicious products of Pasquier

Pasquier is a reference in terms of pastries. At breakfast, feasting on Pasquier's pains au lait and pancakes is a pleasure. Moreover, it is difficult to resist in front of the rusks, sandwiches and grilletines of the brand. If you are a foodie who likes to travel, you will certainly appreciate its delicious Pasquier macaroons. These sweet delights can be enjoyed on any occasion, especially during a gourmet coffee.

The soft brioches of Pasquier accompany you at each gourmet break or during a gourmet breakfast. Braided brioche, brioche slices, sliced ​​brioche… Pasquier does not lack imagination to delight your taste buds. In addition, the brand is revolutionizing pancakes by revisiting the recipe to offer even softer pancakes. 

Pasquier is also delicious bread that can be eaten at any time of the day. Recently, the brand went organic with its organic sliced ​​braided brioche. This brioche is made with ingredients from organic farming. Fancy some brioche or Pasquier pancakes for breakfast? While it's hard to make a choice, one thing is certain. There is nothing more delicious than a gourmet breakfast with Pasquier products. And to save money, know that you can take advantage of a discount voucher thanks to Shopmium. 

Purchase refund on Pasquier products by Shopmium

Our cashback system allows you to save on Pasquier products. It is based on a reduction voucher applying to various products on sale: pancakes, brioche, macaroons, breads, etc. Clearly, we offer you a refund on Pasquier products on sale in various stores.

To enjoy a gourmet breakfast at a low price, identify the Pasquier products on sale and the stores that offer the discount offer using the geolocation tool in our application. Do your shopping, scan the purchase receipt as well as the barcode of the products on sale and send us the photos. We will give you the discount voucher in the form of a refund.