BOL considers healthy eating as a very important matter

Over the years, healthy food has taken centre stage in modern man’s concerns. BOL quickly understood what was at stake and embarked on the exhilarating adventure of providing healthy meals and preserving the environment for the next generation. BOL offers food products that are plant based and therefore appealing to both vegans and vegetarians.  Since 2015, the year of its launch, BOL has been relentlessly improving the quality of the foods it delivers to its customers. It gives them a nice look in veg pots and an international touch with names such as Caribbean jerk curry, Mexican five bean chili, Mediterranean roasted veg and the like. It goes without saying that all of those healthy foods are made of plant-based ingredients.

 All are available from our shop and as you buy them, you take advantage of our discounts and cashback and make savings from our super hot deals.

More healthy meals in salad jars

BOL will also tempt you with a wide variety of exotic salad jars with evocative names like Japanese rainbow slaw salad and Mediterranean beans salsa and quinoa salad that will undoubtedly please your taste buds and give a thrill to vegans and vegetarians. Its healthy plant based food recipes will make you feel assured that you are making the best choice in eating healthy meals.

You can obtain those delicious salads from us. We will be more than pleased to offer you discounts and cashbacks you have never heard of and help you save money thanks to our super hot deals. 

BOL’s supersoups will boost your health like never before

Vegans and vegetarians will also definitely enjoy sampling the plant based supersoups of sweet potatoes, tomatoes and lentils packed with protein. There should be no surprise if supersoups make healthy meals since they have been intended precisely to be both vegan friendly and vegetarian friendly. With its three year-long experience, BOL knows what healthy food is about. Over this relatively short period, it has managed to capture the attention of an ever increasing number of new customers.

Whatever you need, veg pots or salads or supersoups, come and discover hot deals on our site to benefit from our discount and cashback offers and realize important savings. 

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