Botanic Lab

Fresh drinks, cold drinks and  fruit juices produced in the laboratory

With a particular design reminiscent of pharmaceutical bottles, Botanic Lab offers a wide range of cold drinks and fruit juices that you can trust. The goal of the company is to remind consumers that their products are organic and that their synthetic ingredients are selected with the greatest care.

The Lab, located in London, works really hard to keep their products fresh and of good quality. They are on the frontmost line of technology and use the latest methods to give the best results possible. 

Find all the Botanic Lab drinks using mostly synthetic ingredients at our website. Be sure to make savings thanks to our cash back policy. Or simply enjoy our discount coupons and vouchers.

Collect our Botanic Lab drinks

Collect your Botanic Lab fruit juices and cold drinks with their « build your box » opition. Or simply choose your favourite Botanic Lab drinks from a wide range of choices  to make some massive savings thanks to our cashback policy and take advantage of significant discounts, thanks to our coupons and vouchers.

You can, among other things, choose Botanic 1 based on Raw coconut water, Fennel, Pear, Apple, Cucumber, Parsley, Lemon, Basil Oil, Rosemary Oil, or Botanic 2 based on Raw Cane Grass , Grapefruit, Lemon, Ginger, Panax Ginseng (200mg), Oil Thyme, Lemon Oil, Filtered Water or choose the repair + x 2, refuel + x2, reset + x2 for you to reset, replenish and  reboot.

But Botanic Lab does not just market juice. At Botanic Lab, they also sell coffee, and sachets of milk powder, of course, always using synthetic ingredients. At Botanic Lab, you are sure to always find your happiness.

Make sure you always keep your energy at peak level, and enjoy perfect health with our cold drinks and  fruit juice prepared with synthetic ingredients. Make a maximum of savings by buying Botanic Lab fresh drinks from us. You will get significant discounts, thanks to our coupons and vouchers. We will also refund part of your shopping with our cashback policy.

Come try the secrets of botanic with Botanic Lab!