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John West

Since 1857…

For over a century and a half, the John West brand has fully satisfied our taste buds with its seafood. Up to this day, the brand has not lost any of its well-deserved reputation. Find on our website all John West seafood products like tuna, salmon, sardines etc. and benefit from our discount coupons, vouchers and our cash back policy, so you can save money on your purchase! 

Today, John West is working hand-in-hand with WWF. Everyone knows that John West is deeply concerned with the preservation of the environment and especially the oceans. The goal is to preserve fish and ensure that seafood remains sustainable.

New seafood products vs. those that have made John West famous

John West seeks to keep with the time by always marketing new seafood products. Accordingly, you can now choose between the products you were used to and try its new products. You may taste different flavour but you will still be eager to enjoy these tasty cans of tuna, salmon or sardines again and again. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our multiple offers. You will get discount coupons and vouchers for all your purchases. And thanks to our cashback policy, we will refund some money on all the things you buy from us. This will allow you to make savings.

If you want to try new recipes, visit the John West website for new ideas and taste our new John West products. We offer new hot and smoky flavour for tuna infusions, spreadable& ryvita and new versions of steam pot. All these new formulas would be the envy of all gourmets. And of course we also have the usual classics, sardines with wild rice & lentils honey & Ginger, salmon with giant couscous & lentils harissa spices, tuna with wild rice & lentils Indian-style, salmon with wheat bulgur & chickpeas Moroccan style, and so forth. 

Many customers are satisfied and have been convinced, so why hesitate? Come and get your canned fish, such as tuna cans, salmon cans and sardine cans from our website and remember that when you buy on our website, you will receive discount coupons, vouchers, and cashback allowing you to make savings.

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