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Freshly baked bread by Kingsmill’s talented bakers

The greatest moments in life come from the simplest things, like having a bite of deliciously soft bread for breakfast. With a team of devoted and talented bakers who work day and night to make the freshest bread, Kingsmill delivers some of the most delicious bakeries you can taste.

Sliced bread such as the 50/50 Vitamin Boost, Super Toasty or No Crusts have the ideal texture for a perfect sandwich, whether you choose the medium or thick slices. For burgers and hot dog fans, Kingsmill has a great selection of soft rolls, including Brioche Buns and Hot Dog Rolls. For tea time or a quick snack, great-tasting bakery snacks like muffins, pancakes, and potato scones can fully satisfy your cravings. 

Great-tasting bakeries for a healthy diet

Not only do Kingsmill’s bakers make scrumptious soft loaves of bread, but they also carefully select the ingredients to ensure a healthy and balanced diet. Indeed, Kingsmill’s bakeries are made of whole grains, unbleached flours, vegetable fats and oils, and no or very low added sugar; thus making them suitable for anyone, even for vegetarians. Moreover, the lovely soft texture of the products result from the use of premium quality flour from Kingsmill’s own mills.

Still more than just a regular bakery company, Kingsmill and its bakers support a great mission. They actively work on reducing food waste by donating all the bread leftovers to FareShare, a honorable organization which redistributes them to those in need.

Find hot deals on Kingsmill’s great-tasting bakery products

There are thousands of reasons to give in to the temptation of a delicious soft bread. With more than twenty products in its portfolio, from soft white thick or medium loaves to tea cakes, Kingsmill brings a variety of great-tasting bakeries to your table.

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