Leffe beers: 8 centuries of brewing expertise

Leffe beers result from expert brewing techniques from the 1240s. The brand is constantly trying to innovate. Leffe’s beer experts have been passing on their know-how from generation to generation for more than 8 centuries now.

Made with meticulously selected ingredients, Leffe beers taste like no other. Today, this Belgian beer is exported to other countries and has expanded its clientele significantly. Leffe beers stand out thanks to their elegance, the remarkable design of their bottles, and their unique smooth and delicious taste.
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Fresh beer for every taste

Whether you are enjoying a quiet moment by yourself or spending a good time with friends, there's nothing more enjoyable than sipping a fine and fresh beer. 
Enjoy the smooth and well-balanced taste of Leffe Blond, which is a perfect blend of pale malt, water and yeast. With a hint of vanilla and clove, this beer will surely be one of the best aperitif beers for your friendly gatherings.

If you are looking for a sharp and full-bodied beer, buy a bottle of Leffe Brown. The use of darkly roasted malt combined with hints of coffee and chocolate flavors brings a perfect balance of bitterness and sweet taste to this authentic abbey beer.
If you plan to serve seafood and more refined meals, save a few bottles of Leffe Tripel. This beer will surely delight your guests with its refined and robust flavor. Other choices are also available such as Leffe Radieuse, Leffe Rituel or Leffe Nectar. These fresh beers will unveil their unique taste and elegance in a Leffe chalice.

These traditional beers are highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Trust Leffe's expertise and let yourself be tempted by this delicious nectar, a blend of a smooth malt flavor and other aromas that will undoubtedly delight your palate. 
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