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Old Jamaica

Old Jamaica a beer for every taste

Old Jamaica ginger beer is a fine finest product brewed by Cott Beverages, one of the largest producers of beverages in the world which has networks in both North America and Europe. Old Jamaica ginger beer is not the only beer that Cott Beverages export, they also produce all sorts of carbonated soft drinks, flavoured or unflavoured sparkling water, freezable and ready to drink alcohol. 

Some of the most popular brands of this Jamaican beer are: Emerge which is full of essential vitamins especially designed to fight tiredness, the perfect choice for both sportsmen and those with very busy schedules; the flavoured water brand Macb, Scotland’s most popular drink; SUSO, a drink especially designed for teenagers. This drink has no sugar, no artificial flavours and no colouring. Therefore, it offers a very healthy alternative to the other traditional drinks available on the market. This is but a short list. For more products, consult Cott Beverages’ website. 

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Trust the customer experience

Old Jamaica ginger beer will surprise you with an incredible combination of sensations that will warm the blood rushing through your veins and provide a pleasantly cool feeling inside your mouth at once. This is due to the Jamaican beer ingredients that combine carbonated water, sugar, ginger root extracts, as well as other aromas, citric acid, and an added preservative and stabilizer. Old Jamaica ginger Beer is also believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer is of course very popular in the UK; but consumers of this Jamaican beer around the world have rated the product as better and stronger than the English ginger ale, and assert that it is mildly addictive and comparable to the ginger beer available in India and Sri Lanka. The overall rating for this Jamaican beer is 4.5/5. Which tells it all.

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