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The healthiest desserts

Genuine ice cream lovers know that Oppo is the brand to choose as it makes healthy ice creams and puds packed with delicious flavours. Whether you want low-fat ice cream or sweet puds, Oppo has a lot of options: strawberry cheesecake puds, vanilla ice cream, caramel cheesecake, Mint chocolate ice cream and so on.

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The sweetest flavours

Find a sweet dessert that matches your taste. Mint chocolate ice cream, strawberry cheesecake puds, vanilla ice cream or caramel cheesecake. These are only a few suggestions on the low-fat ice creams and puds Oppo offers. With our website loaded with hot deals, you can get all your favorite products with a discount on the price. Plus, our cashback policy is your key for higher savings. 

When opting for Oppo's healthy ice cream, mint chocolate is an absolute flavour mix to try. This famous and beloved combo is different from any other ice cream you might have tasted before. With spirulina added to the blend, hence making it high in protein, vitamins, and iron, Oppo's mint chocolate is one of those healthy ice creams you can never be tired of having. Moreover, as being low-fat ice cream, it is also ideal for those who want to indulge in a treat without ruining their diet.

If the quirky flavour of this healthy ice cream is not your forte, you can also try the taste of the fruity strawberry cheesecake pud at a discount price. This delicious pud is the combination of the creamiest strawberry cheesecake and a crumbled biscuit base. Thus, this dessert is an absolute pleasure you would never want to share with anyone.

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