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Original Source

A shower gel that refreshes your body

Nothing compares to the feeling of getting out of a refreshing shower. Original Source is there to give you that feeling while perfuming your body with a captivating fragrance. Its shower gel and milk collection will spoil your body with a boost of freshness. Moreover, if you are vegan, you will love Original Source as all its skin care products come from natural plant extracts. Thus, they have no trace of animal ingredients and are cruelty-free.

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Fall for Original Source's bursting fragrances 

For your daily skin care routine, get your shower bottles from Original Source’s line of gels and milk. Each fragrance of this line has the virtue of stimulating your senses. For each Original Source shower bottle offered for sale on our website, deals like vouchers and coupons let you have your vegan product with a discount from regular price. 

Original Source takes care of your skin like no other with its creamy textured gels and milk and lets you have an unforgettable shower experience. If you like fruity fragrances, you will love Orange Foaming, Pineapple Foaming, or Mango shower gel. They smell and taste deliciously good on your skin!

While these fruity gels are great for sweet fragrance lovers, coconut and shea butter milk or vanilla and raspberry are perfect for more exotic tastes. Try Original source, it is really an amazing skin care. If an experience packed with freshness tempts you, try out Mint Foaming Shower, Lemon and Lime or Mint and Tea Tree Shower. You will feel refreshed and energized right away. Whatever your choice may be, Original Source vegan gels will transform your showering time into a pure moment of pleasure, and your skin will feel soft and hydrated. Take our word for it.

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