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A crunchy breakfast like no other 

Breakfast is undeniably the most important meal of the day. It has to be packed with nutritious ingredients and be fulfilling enough. Hence, Shreddies has created a delicious and wholesome breakfast range to help you kick off the day. It is the best selection of oatmeal and cereal squares you can find for a morning starter.

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A great selection of oatmeal and cereal square

For a wholesome breakfast with oatmeal or cereal, choose Shreddies. It proposes an array of products such as cranberry and oat granola, original shreddies, frosted shreddies oat granola and more.

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Muesli is an ideal source of protein and fiber. Plus, it is naturally flavoured with fruits like cranberries. If you like to take muesli at breakfast, Shreddies Max range is perfect for you. You can choose between Shreddies Max Cranberry and Oat Granola or Max Oat Granola. These are a delicious mix of shreddies pieces, crunchy oats and cranberries. Get your pack of muesli at a discount price.

Aside from muesli, cereal has always been a basic breakfast to have. Though, Shreddies cereal square range is an original twist to it. With three variants, you can either choose the original Shreddies, have the frosted version or taste the coco flavored cereals. No matter what you prefer, they all make a breakfast that is high in fiber and protein.

Even those who are on the rush can have a healthy breakfast by getting Original shreddies breakfast to go. With its compact format including a bowl, milk, and spoon, it is a convenient way to pack on the go breakfast.

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