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Westons Cider

Fine cider from the English countryside...

The Westons are passionate about cider and that’s a fact. Then, they created the Westons Cider to share their passion with their customers. Westons Cider is indeed a family business maintained by several generations of people. Now, the brand's heirs are constantly offering the best of themselves as cider makers.

The Westons Farm is located in the heart of the English countryside more precisely in the Herefordshire region. Their apples are freshly picked and fermented according to the latest technologies and of course the whole process is followed by a lot of apple fermentation experts.

These cider makers only use fresh and organic fruits. Thanks to that, they can claim to offer the best cider and the best apple cider possible. Today, they have won several awards that attest to the good quality of their products.

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Have a magical experience with our ciders and apple ciders

If you appreciate strong drinks, the apple cider produced by Westons cider, is then made for you. With a sip of this delicious fermented apple juice you will be sure to experience a magical moment.

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The company offers several flavours and each product has its own degree of alcohol and acidity. You will be able to choose amongst a wide range of products. Such as: the stowford, combining several aromas prepared in the purest British tradition; The Henry Westons, this is the classic cider made from the fresh and organic apples of Westons Farm; You can even get cans to refresh yourself during the day.

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