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WKD, SHS’ new brand

The SHS group has launched its new brand, WKD not so long ago. It is an opportunity for alcoholic drinks lovers to try a new alcohol-based flavours experience. WKD alcoholic drinks are of course sold at attractive prices on our site. So, you will be able to make significant savings with our coupons, and vouchers. You will also have the opportunity to recover some of your purchases through our cashback policy.

SHS is always eager to offer you new categories of sparkling alcoholic drinks that is why they have created their new line of alcohol-based RTD drinks. Indeed, WKD alcoholic drinks have to meet strict criteria set by the group. They must be innovative and must satisfy the customer. So when you taste these sparkling alcoholic drinks, you will have no doubt on which brand you should place your bet on when you want to have a good time.

Wake the WKD side in you with their new Cocktail recipes 

Audacious recipes with this new range of alcohol-based products are to be seen on their website. There is a wide choice you can make between the sparkling alcoholic drinks sold by this brand. All their cocktail recipes will open up a whole new panoply of flavours that you can only obtain from them because the SHS group has taken up the challenge to always market new products.

To stay abreast of their new products do not hesitate to visit us. Among other things, you can take advantage of our discount coupons and vouchers and make savings thanks to our cashback policy.

Right now, sparkling alcoholic drinks are at your disposal. For an added tropical touch we suggest you opt for the mango crush and passion fruit, a mix of tropical fruits and alcohol, gluten-free that will appeal to vegetarians. Alternatively, you can choose from other cocktail recipes that will suit your wishes. You could also choose the cocktail berry or lemon lime for their low caloric content. These products are also available in canned versions. Thanks to these alcohol-based drinks, you may be sure to host sparkling parties.

Come please yourself and find alcoholic drinks and cocktail recipes of this brand on our site with discount coupons and vouchers. You are also sure to make savings with our cashback system.