Referral How to

For every friend you refer, you get £3 of referral credits* and your friends will receive a FREE can of Pringles on their app!


How to refer friends

  1. Download Shopmium on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Open your Shopmium app, click on the side menu and on the “Refer a friend = £3” section.
  3. There you will find your referral code that can be shared with your friends by text, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, ... take your pick ;)
  4. The more friends you refer the more money you save!

Keep in mind, your friend must register through the Shopmium app in order to benefit from the referral program. And make sure they enter your correct referral code!

*Your £3 referral credits will be added to your account after your referred friend has redeemed their first cashback, and these credits will be applied to your own future cashback requests.

-- The Shopmium Team